Shark Diving & Shark Wrangling!

Shark Dive

A Surreal Experience. We were a little apprehensive at first. But once in the water, our minds and hearts seem to calm naturally, without any effort. All of a sudden all fears melted away, and we were in awe – it was a magnificient experience to see one of God’s most feared & misunderstood creatures […]

Warwick Wells – Exuma Land & Sea Conservation Park in the Bahamas.


The Bahamas National Trust operates the Exuma Land & Sea Conservation Park in the Bahamas. Black Diamond is a Member of the organization. For more information visit their web site  – Their motto is “Take Only Photographs – Leave Only Footprints” Exuma Park contains many shallow coral reefs and shifting sand bars and you should […]

Music Video Filmed Aboard Black Diamond – Party Party X2 Bonjour Hola!

Music Video Release of Party Party X2, Bonjour Hola! Kemdilo Gold & 10 Digits!

Music Video recorded aboard Black Diamond Yachts just released! MUST SEE – Featuring scenes with Captain Ed, rapping along with the crew of Kemdilo Gold and 10 Digits in their newly released hit song, Party Party X2 Bonjour Hola! – You can purchase song at iTunes at this link to support the artists, only $0.99 cents! Recorded […]

Shark Attack in the Bahamas!

Free diving with sharks

Sharks Attacks in the Bahamas The Bahamas have many species of sharks that can be found in different regions and islands of the Bahamas. Next to Florida and South Africa, it is the second most common place where shark attacks have been recorded. This maybe also due the size of the Bahamas, compared to smaller […]

Baking aBoard Black Diamond!

Braided Chala Bread

Baking aBoard Black Diamond! Yes it is possible to bake aboard your boat, and it is easier than you think. My wife Roxane has baked all sorts of goodies for us; Birthday Cakes, Cup Cakes, Breads, Egg Loaf, Braided Chala Bread, croissant, Banana Bread, Pizzas, Muffins, Hamburger buns, the list goes on. We also enjoy such […]

Island Hopping with Mega Yachts – Bahamas

Kicking Back

Island Hopping in the Bahamas Island hopping in the Bahamas, especially in the Exumas and Abacos chain of islands are very enjoyable and relaxing. There a literally hundreds of islands to explore and the distances between them are virtually  minutes. Generally we will sail a few hours a day in the morning, and put some […]

Christmas at Black Point, Exuma, Bahamas


  Christmas at Black Point, Exuma, Bahamas Our second Christmas in the Bahamas, but this one is turning out to be the most memorable. We brought this little Christmas tree down to the boat the last time we were down, its the perfect size for the boat, about 2 feet high. I have it tie […]

Black Point, Exuma, Bahamas

Island formation

Black Point is one of the largest out island settlements in the Exumas. Having said that, the population is still very small. I am not certain what it is exactly, but I would say most likely under a hundred of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Always making us feel welcome and at home, they […]

Navigating Cuts in island keys or the Cays of the Bahamas

Cave Cay Cut

Cruising many of the islands in the southern latitudes, especially in the Bahamas, will require careful attention, knowledge and skills when navigating in and out of the cuts between the inside and the ocean side of the islands. The Bahamas are known for narrow and shallow cuts. These difficult cuts can be further complicated by […]

Wild Dolphin Encounter! Swim & Talk with Wild Dolphin!

Archie on the beach.

Watch this amazing video! This was shot unplanned and impromptu! We were anchored just 60 feet from the beach at Chat ‘n Chill, Stocking Island, in the Exumas of the Bahamas. My wife told me she just saw a dolphin swimming near our boat, so I grabbed my GO PRO Camera, and my snorkelling gear […]


St. Francis

Like to LEARN to CRUISE in this SETTING? SPECIAL OFFER – For a WANNA BE CRUISING Couple! $3,000 – ONLY $1,500 per person. Or Book the whole boat for $4,000! Add another couple for only $1,000. Black Diamond Yachts currently has a booking for one cabin, and we have one more cabin available for the […]

Conch Salad


  Here is everything you need to know about making Conch Salad, and then how to feed the Sting Ray after wards..   In Elizabeth Harbour, you will find Georgetown at the main land, and stocking island, the protects the harbour from the Exuma Sound, which is pretty much the Ocean if you ask me. […]

A week in Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas


I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this blog post.     We spent a week in Georgetown with my parents, while we waited on Roxane to arrive on Saturday. We will spend 3.5 weeks on the boat this holiday season. Christmas and New Years on Black Diamond.      

Arrival in Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas.

Ed at Chat n' Chill

Georgetown will serve as our base for the next couple of years. We were fortunate enough to secure two moorings one for each of our boats at the St. Francis Hurricane Hole. Which is owned and operated by George and Jillian, a wonderful facility on Stocking Island. They run a restaurant with a beautiful view […]

Land Fall in Little San Salvador, Bahamas.

AKA Half Moon Cay

After over 1,200 nautical miles and over 2,000 km from NYC, 6.5 days on the Atlantic Ocean, 300nm / 500km offshore at one point, we made it to the Bahamas. We consumed less than 1/2 of our fuel, 50 litres / 15 gallons, 1/4 of our water 100 litres / 25 gallons. No one was […]

Final Offshore leg to the Bahamas.


 ** Video, at the bottom of post ** We were only 380nm to Little San Salvador Island. The winds were predicted to subside a little bit and possibly to almost a dead calm. If this was to happen, we would end up running the engine for a day or two, until the wind fills in again. […]

Rogue Wave

Nice surf.

  We just got swamped by a rogue wave! The wind was picking up and we were hitting 12 knots of boat speed. We put a reef in the main and the jib. Consistent waves/swells were coming from the port stern quarter side. It was a pretty comfortable ride. I was sitting in front of the […]

Crossing the Gulf Stream, Rounding Cape Hatteras.


Our Strategy & Track and Use of On Board Electronics. Sirius Satellite Weather Station Another great piece of equipment to have on board for ocean work is the Sirius Satellite weather station. You will have live weather reports, alerts, alarms, and graphical live weather anywhere in North America and the Caribbean. NOAA Weather reports for […]

Offshore from NYC to Cape Hatteras on route to the Bahamas.


Once we rounded the Sea Buoy outside of NYC and part way down Long Island, we set a way point to point offshore of Cape Hatteras. The Distance to the waypoint read 374 nautical miles. Transiting down the Hudson River and offshore from NYC in mid November was freezing cold! I mean freezing, especially at night […]

New York City Departure Offshore Sailing non-stop to the Bahamas.

AIS - NYC Harbour

Liberty Landing Marina – Final Stop! Check out the AIS screen capture to see how crazy it can get in New York Harbour. Fortune’s Favour went ahead and picked up their final crew members in Manhattan and we met at the Liberty Landing Marina on the New Jersey Side. This Marina is often the last […]

Catskills to New York City.

George Washington Bridge

Black Diamond and Fortune’s Favour will be buddy boating down the Hudson this week and then offshore to the Bahamas. We have arrived today late evening by train from Toronto to Catskills. Today is Nov. 11th 2013, Monday evening. Five of the eight crew members are now here, the remaining three we will meet in […]

Sail Routing from New York City to the Bahamas or Florida Direct.


The best time to head offshore directly to the Bahamas or Florida would be during the month of November. This will avoid the hurricane season, and much of the tropical storms. But don’t wait to much longer that this, once you get past the month of November, there are strong northerlies in the winter months, that […]

Day 7-10 Catskill, NY, Hop-O-Nose Marina Mast Stepping!

Dress Up Cat

We made it to Catskill, NY, Hope-O-Nose Marina, absolutely the best place to step your mast on the Hudson. Great facilities, such as a swimming pool for your family to enjoy, while you are working away. The Creekside Restaurant with surprisingly amazing food and atmosphere – also a favourite of the locals! Shawn is the […]

** VIDEO ** Erie Barge Canal Locks in New York State.

Fortune's Favour

The last 3-4 Locks to Waterford, NY on the Erie Canal, about to descend to the Hudson River. This is the largest drop in the shortest distance in the world. Over a 150 feet in about a mile or two. This is over an hour video, speeded up 20x, to just over 1 minute long.

Day 5-6 Waterford to Albany NY, Erie Canal and The Hudson River.

Light House on the Hudson.

Travelling with two boats containing 6 children under 13, starting at the age of 4. Yes, we needing a few breaks along the way, considering all this, we have been making pretty good progress. We pretty much made it through the canals, Oswego to Watertown, to the top of the Hudson in about 6 to […]

Day 3-4 Little Falls to Amsterdam, Erie Canal.

Little Falls Lots to do.

Further transiting the canal, our usual time table is off the dock between 9 to 10 am, sometime we would make one rest stop for about an hour or so, and ending for the evening any time between 5pm to 6pm. Little Falls, NY. is a great little rest stop. We stopped here, and walked […]

Day 2 Crossing Lake Oneida & Sylvan Beach


After a 3 hour crossing of Lake Oneida, we were lucky to find a 100 foot spot on the wall for both Fortune’s Favour and Black Diamond including our 20 foot over hanging mast. It was the usual busy Sunday after at the Sylvan Beach area. We bought the kids some day passes and made […]

Day 1 Oswego to Lake Oneida in the Canal

Bridge House Brats.

We left Oswego today about 10am, and completed about 9 locks, our average speed is about 6 knots. We stopped again at one of our favourite spots for ice cream. Bridge House Brats at Oswego Lock 1, Phoenix NY. We then spent the evening at the mouth of the Oneida river Erie Canal Lock 23. […]

Travelling with Good Friends!

Celebrating Ed's Birthday!

We did this trip on our own 5 years ago. This time around, we are travelling with good friends, The Benningers, Paul, Sandra and their 4 children (Aged), Rachel (12), Andrew (10), David (7) and Patrick (5). Our kids are now five years older, Thomas is now 13 and Alex is 9 years old. We […]

Finally left Sackets Harbour NY, Navy Point Marine!

Mast Down and ready for Canals!

After living in the travel lift for 4 days. Got most of the work done, still a few issues out standing, we hope to figure out during our travels through the canals. We can then leave the boat at Nyack, NY, Peterson’s boat yard, and have them sorted out there. Now just need to relax […]