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Tagged: George Town

Free diving with sharks 2

Shark Attack in the Bahamas!

Sharks Attacks in the Bahamas The Bahamas have many species of sharks that can be found in different regions and islands of the Bahamas. Next to Florida and South Africa, it is the second...

Family 2

A week in Georgetown, Exuma, Bahamas

I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this blog post.     We spent a week in Georgetown with my parents, while we waited on Roxane to arrive on Saturday. We...

Cruiser made hut from various items that washed ashore Stocking Island. (c) Copyright 2009 0

Exploring Stocking Island, Great Exuma.

We spent a couple of days relaxing at anchor, and exploring Lee Stocking Island, Exuma, just outside of George Town. The island is mostly uninhabited, but there are a couple of small resort properties...

Arrived in George Town, and Dropped our Anchor for the night. 0

Landing in George Town, Exumas, Bahamas

We arrived to an anchorage in George Town a couple of hours before sun down. We anchored along side “Tia Anica” the large boat we were racing to George Town. They landed just before...