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Lake Ontario 300 2012 – LO300 Yacht Race.

Black Diamond’s 5th Lake Ontario 300, This year, finished 3rd in PHRF 2 Main Duck Fully Crewed Flying Sails and 12th overall PHRF Main Duck Boats. We are very pleased with our results this...

Blk Diamond! Beating Up Wind 7 to 7.5 knots of boat speed, in 20-25 knots of wind. 0

Black Diamond’s Susan Hood Trophy Race 2012

We had a really fun and good race…Our best performance long distance yet. If you were following my blog, twitter or facebook, you would know by now we ripped our heavier spinnaker, nothing we...

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Diamond Girls First Race of the Season

Diamond Girls, is an all female racing crew comprised, of women of the Port Credit Yacht Club. Some own boats with their husbands, some don’t, some have sailed, some have never sailed. But they...

* VIDEO * PCYC Director’s Race 2011 0

* VIDEO * PCYC Director’s Race 2011

The Annual Port Credit Yacht Club, PCYC Director’s Race takes place usually in October. This year we had perfect conditions, a beautiful sailing day. Director’s of the club race against the members, I might...

* VIDEO * Susan Hood Yacht Race 2011 0

* VIDEO * Susan Hood Yacht Race 2011

June 3rd, 2011 This is the “Coolest Race on the Lake” and we mean both Cold and Hip type of Cool ! The water is still blistering cold after a long Canadian Winter. Hyperthermia could...

Black Diamond – LO300 Menu 1

Black Diamond – LO300 Menu

Saturday Lunch – Pulled-Pork Sandwiches Dinner – BBQ Chevapi with Potato Salad and Tomato Onion Salad with Feta Sunday Breakfast – Bacon or Sausage and Egg on an English Muffin Lunch – Tuna and/or...

Taken from the second spreader by Will French 1

Finish of the Lake Ontario 300

We finished the LO300 Monday night at 11:57PM North American EST time. Just 3 min. before Tuesday, so we can claim we came in on Monday. ; ) Thats 2 days 12 hours 57...

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Lake Ontario 300 Photos 2009

The first photos uploaded from Black Diamond live during the race….Will French went up the mast to release a stuck tickler and to look for wind. America’s Cup style!      

Day 3, Lake Ontario 300 1

Day 3, Lake Ontario 300

We went out into the lake last night, might have been a bad move. The inshore guys made time on us. Scotch Rocks passed us. But our forecast called for more wind offshore, plus...

After Noon Day 2, Lake Ontario 300 1

After Noon Day 2, Lake Ontario 300

We are holding are own in our fleet. We are happy with the results. Much better than last year. We did not expect to come near the top 5 of this division. Last year...

Day 2, Sunday, Lake Ontario 300 Update 2

Day 2, Sunday, Lake Ontario 300 Update

We we did a good job going out to the middle of the lake, had good wind all night, and did not get wet at all. The boats that stayed in had similar wind,...

Lake Ontario 300 Start 0

Lake Ontario 300 Start

We hare off, close to 170 boats. We were in the 9th start, at 11:05am. We were over the line 5 mins. early, mis-read the start, and gybed back around. Had a little trouble...

Phoot by Bob Thayer at PCYC, Lake Ontario. Charleston Race Photos to come once available. 0

Hot Racing in Charleston

Forecast Bodes Well For Hot Racing Dozens of different boat designs will race in thirteen divisions on four courses, but one thing all racing boats have in common is the need for wind, and...