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Yacht Delivery Captain

Yacht Delivery Captain

Yacht Delivery Captain, delivers yacht from the Bahamas to NYC.

“Delivery Testimonial”

“Mission accomplished!! Worth every penny!! We are indebted to Ed for caring for our boat like it was his own and safely delivering it through the Champlain Canal and down the Atlantic coast to Hampton, VA. Ed is a very knowledgeable captain who quickly got to know our boat and helped us learn all that we needed to get started. We were lucky to spend some time with Ed on the boat during one of the delivery legs and he was amazingly patient with us and helped us far more than we ever expected. Ed was very considerate, saving us money wherever he could and left the boat beautifully clean at the end, which was very much appreciated! Ed has become a friend who we reach out to first when trying to solve a problem on the boat as he always has some keen advice for us. Everyone we’ve met who knows Ed has told us he that he’s the man to trust, and after our experience with him, we agree!!”

Thank you so much, Ed! – Charles & Sabrina Cameron


Yacht Delivery Captain available for hire. Yacht deliveries up and down the East Coast of the US, to and from the Bahamas, the Caribbean and around the Adriatic and Mediterranean. I also delivery yachts from the Great Lakes down the canals to the Hudson river. Complete service includes stepping masts up and down, then taken the yachts offshore to the destinations on the East Coast, the Bahamas and the Carribean. In addition to English, I speak Croatian, Serbian and Hungarian and have crew that are Spanish and French speaking, this would be helpful for yacht deliveries in certain regions.

As you can see from my resume, see page “The Skipper”, I am experienced with Ocean passages, and have completed many successful, uneventful and safe yacht deliveries for crew and boats over the years. With over 26,000 Nautical miles of experience and over 1,600 sea days and nights on the water. I can supply references of happy and satisfied yacht owners.

Please enquire for a flat rate cost for your yacht delivery. Unlike other delivery Captains, I will quote you a flat rate for my services. Estimating the number of days required to make the passage and my travel days to and from the yacht. I will estimate the travel expenses and provisioning costs for our delivery. I provide a crew where needed and I cover their costs, included in the flat rate fee. I will then quote you a flat rate for the delivery. Customers appreciate this type of delivery quote, they can budget and know what the delivery will cost without any surprises.

Reference from very happy yacht owners available on request.

Please contact me if you are interested in further discussions.

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