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The Bahamas
The Bahamas

The heavens above must have dropped a pearl necklace into turquoise waters & created The Exuma Cays, where we offer Bahamas Fully Crewed Yacht Charters, with Captain & Chef!

The Bahamian islands grace along the Gulf Stream well offshore of the Florida coast in an almost unbroken chain of 700 islands, 600 of which are uninhabitated, creating the best sailing grounds in the western hemisphere. Harbours are protected; anchorages are pristine. Quaint settlements are picturesque and the people, the friendliest you’ll ever meet. Our Bahamas fully crewed yacht charters, we curate private yachts in the Exumas & Abacos. All inclusive; Excursions, Captain, Chef prepared meals and cocktails.



Aboard our yachts, look below the surface to find stunning coral formations bursting with brilliant-coloured exotic fish that dart in and out like little children at play. Lie across a floating mattress to view the world below with a mask and snorkel for hours while being entertained by sea residents. A leopard stingray may glide by followed by a hawksbill turtle, or Nikki the resident dolphin.

Fishing is excellent if you’re handy with a line. When sailing, a line is trolled behind the boats to catch our dinner for the nightly grill: mahi-mahi or tuna. Drop a line over the side at night in the anchorage, and you’ll be delighted to land a snapper. If snorkeling is your game, you’ve found the experts. We’ll teach you how to free-dive so you can peak under coral heads and see the critters of the sea.

The original swimming pigs of Exuma have evolved from a little-known secret to one of the world’s most sought-after experiences. In an archipelago of 365 islands which make up the Exumas, located just a short sail from Georgetown, Exuma, these amazing animals reign supreme over their own island, not far from other famous residents such as Johnny Depp, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and David Copperfield.

Above Videos: Shot aboard one of our associate charter partners full of activities in The Exumas, Bahamas! People depicted in the videos are our actual crew and clientele. 


Above Video: Captured by Captain Ed by drone at Shroud Cay, part of the Exuma Land & Sea Preservation Park, depicted is often called the waterslide, as a natural tidal current will take you for a gentle ride down the mangrove-lined salt water river.

Above Video: This entire video all scenes were filmed in one day at Warwick Wells, part of The Bahamas, Exuma Land & Sea Preservation Park. An excellent example of what you might experience in one day, imagine a week in the Exumas! 


“Thanks Captain Ed for an absolutely fabulous week. We thoroughly enjoyed it. You did an amazing job looking after all the details of the trip so that we could enjoy the beautiful Abacos islands.

Having the Chef to look after meals was great and she did an excellent job preparing delicious meals! The whole trip was a 10 out of 10! Thanks so much”  –  Dave & Ruth Naismith, Toronto, Canada


Above Video: Testimonial from Dan W. from Nova Scotia, Canada. 

We custom curate Private Bahamian Fully crewed Yacht Charters on Luxury Catamarans in The Bahamas.

Complete with Captain, Guide, Server/Bartender & Chef. 

Black Diamond’s Bahamas Fully crewed Yacht Charters arranges private yachts in the Abacos & Exumas. Itineraries are custom design to suit your specific wants and desires. We will discuss what your perfect vacation would look like, and then together we plan the itinerary with you to include uninhabited islands, small towns and settlements of 30 to 100 people where you can enjoy a nice dinner ashore and mingle with the local culture. Your itinerary will be completely customized to suit your style and activity choices. In any case after a night sleeping at anchor, each day we start with breakfast on the boat, then a sail for a few hours, lunch while underway or once we have dropped the anchor at our next island destination. One thing is for sure, each night we will be exploring a different island.

You are then free to explore the beaches and islands with our dinghy runabout, kayak, paddle board, or take a guided tour, beach combing, drift snorkelling, scuba diving, a spearfishing expedition, shark observation, sea turtle encounters, swim with the pigs or dolphin. Conch or Lionfish hunting.

Recent charter guests have experienced; deep sea fishing, snorkelling the grottos caves, spear fishing, playing with stingrays, swimming with dolphins, frolicking with swimming pigs, and feeding the iguanas, enjoying time with the locals, experience the culture. All Captain guided excursions are included at no charge.

After a busy day enjoying the islands, water and sun, just about all your meals will be enjoyed onboard under the sunset. You are also free to have as many onshore meals at various restaurants as you wish. Finally ending your day with a night-cap under the moonlight while anchored in a secluded bay. If you have not experienced sleeping at anchor in this setting it should be on your bucket list! The coves we anchor in are so calm, you will forget you are on a boat.

Above Video: Testimonial from Joanne W. from Virginia, USA. 

“Thank You for a great week!  It was totally worth it!  I loved it all. A perfect blend of relaxation and exploring and sea and sun. I’d be very interested in doing the Exumas another time.”  –  Lynn Woods, Toronto, Canada


How does a Bahama Fully Crewed Yacht Charter, Compared to Bareboat?

The benefits of a Fully Crewed Yacht Charter, with Captain & Chef!

Fully crewed charters, come with an experienced Captain who knows the local waters of the Bahamas, click -> Captain Ed! The crew will take care of everything for you, so you’ll spend the maximum amount of your time relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Starting with the provisions you chose, they will be already on the boat, so you are not wasting a day shopping and loading the boat. The chef will prepare all meals and perform all the clean up afterwards such as washing the dishes. You don’t want to spend your valuable vacation time preparing and cleaning up after three meals a day.

Bare boats are not just bare of crew, but bare of the luxuries and upgrades to make for a more enjoyable holiday. Black Diamond chartered yachts are equipped with Air Conditioning, even on anchor through generators, electric inverters, all 110 volt sockets in all cabins and common areas are live, even on anchor, curl your hair, use the microwave all while anchored. Internet, Sat Radio, your own WIFI on board. The boat is equipped, with an entertainment system with blue-tooth,Freezer, Full separate shower not over toilet area. Fans in all cabins and air conditioning. A Fully Enclosure bimini top in the cock pit, electric winch and windlass just to name a few of the luxuries.

Other boats maybe equipped differently but all are equipped with a great deal more than your typical bareboat.

Captained Charter Freedom. Take the helm, and take an active role sailing the boat, you are welcome to do so whenever you like, or just relax and enjoy the ride. In any case you will not be responsible for any damages to the boat, no security deposits, unlike with bareboat charters where certifications and qualifications are also required. When you are done helming, or sailing, the crew will do the hard work of lowering the sails and putting them away.

Your cruising area is not limited to tourist traps. With Captained charters you’ll go way beyond and have nothing to worry about. You can explore areas that are normally restricted with bareboat charters, reach farther less explored areas of the Bahamas.

A fully crewed charter has many advantages for those that want the experience of a sailing holiday without the pressure & responsibility of looking after the boat, studying charts, cooking and cleaning. The skipper will happily help you choose an itinerary that suits you and make sure that you have a stress free and comfortable cruise. This holiday gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want.

Learn to Sail, and add to your Sailing Experience. The other added bonus is that we are happy to teach. No matter your age or experience you can learn as much as you like, at a pace set by you. There is no set curriculum, no pressure and no timetable to run your trip by. You may just wish to learn how to helm, trim sails, dock or anchor. For the more experienced sailor, who would like to experience the long-term cruising life-style. We have specially arranged programs for this type of experience. You will experience various anchoring techniques, tides, currents, surges, overnight passages, navigation, it can all be experienced on our charters – On the other hand you may just want to go for a swim or a drink ashore, yes you can. The choice is yours.


“Hey Captain Ed,  It was absolutely wonderful!! Definitely enjoyed it and it has to be the best birthday gift I’ve ever had!! Thank you so very much for all that you the Captain and the Chef did for us!”

Sharon Staiton, Toronto, Canada


Captain Ed Radonic


Captain Ed, Proprietor of

Black Diamond Yacht Charters


Edward Radonic is a RYA Yacht Master, Offshore, 200 ton certification & ICC International Competent Captain, with Marine First Aid & Marine fire fighting certification. Ed has been boating for 32 years, at the age of 53, this is more than half his life-time. Ed is an accomplished ocean sailor who has logged over 33,000 nautical miles during his almost 2,000 days at sea. Ed has spent almost a 1/4 of his adult life on the water! He originally hailing from the former Yugoslavia which Croatia was a part of, speaks the local languages, and has sailed The Bahamas & The Adriatic Sea extensively! Captain Ed is considered a local to both Croatia and The Bahamas!  

For a full biography please follow this link.





Makers Air Staniel Cay Flight

Makers Air Staniel Cay Flight

50′ Dufour Catamaran, We can arrange different types of boats to suit your budget!


50′ foot Catamaran which is crewed by Captain Ed Radonic and a choice of Chef to suit your style of dining, from local Bahamian Style, Casual to fine dining gourmet!

Cabin Charters on Luxury Catamarans in the Bahamas!  

Cabin charters allow you to get into a large comfortable cat without having to charter the whole boat. We will match you up with like-minded couples of similar age and interests. A great way to meet new people and enjoy company with new friends. You will have your own cabin for two and your own private bathrooms with own separate shower. We will arrange a couple of dinners before the charter so you can get to know the other couples before your vacation.   

Cabin Charter Rates and Fees,

7 Days & Nights.


Meals, Drinks, Excursions, All Expenses, All Taxes Included – Captain, Guide and Chef 

Cabins Charters, Book just a Cabin!

2 Guests/1 Cabin/Private Bathrooms – $ 9,000 per cabin, $4,500 per person

4 Guests/2 Cabins/Private Bathrooms – $ 8,000 per cabin, $4,000 per person

6 Guests/3 Cabins/Private Bathrooms – $ 7,000 per cabin, $3,500 per person

8 Guests/4 Cabins/Private Bathrooms – $ 6,500 per cabin, $3,250 per person

* Currency is in USD

You choose the week, no obligation to book whole boat!

Booking 2025 in The Bahamas, Summer in Croatia

*Children are not permitted on Cabin Charters, since you will be sharing yacht with other couples, Children are welcome aboard our whole yacht charters which you can also share with your own group. Children staying in parents cabin are no extra charge.

Save by booking Whole Yacht Charters

8 Guests/4 Cabins/Private Bathrooms – $26,000 USD whole yacht, $6,500 USD per cabin, $3,250 USD per person.

All Inclusive, Includes all boat expenses, all Captain Guided excursions and activities, water toys, Includes full crew, Captain, Guide, Server/Bartender and a local Bahamian Chef, all boat expenses, all meals, provisions, refreshments, ship’s bar alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

Children are welcome aboard our whole yacht charters which you can also share with your own group. Children staying in parents cabin or salon are no extra charge.

*Booking: Only a $1000 deposit is required at booking, Electronic transfer, PAYPAL, VISA & MASTERCARD accepted.

*All-inclusive rate included: All onboard meals, snacks and alcoholic & other beverages, excursions, activities, snorkeling equipment, mooring fees, fuel charges, linens, fuel, ice. All your excursions and activities included, we even include the 14% Bahamian Charter tax! Only Crew gratuities are not included.

*Not included: Customary gratuity, your crew will work hard for you to ensure you have the yacht vacation of a life time.  Off-vessel charges such as airfare, taxi fares, off-vessel meals/beverages, your flights are not included.

Dinner ashore: Guests are requested to enjoy one lunch and one night ashore for dinner when booking a 7-day charter. This allows for a delightful cultural experience with the islanders.

*Flights & Arrangements: We can help you arrange flights and extended accommodations if you would like to spend a few extra days before or after your charter in The Bahamas.

Now Booking Winter 23/24 and Single Cabin Charters for 2025 in The Bahamas! 

Cuisine Sampling,

You won’t be disappointed… 




Above Videos: Informative and interesting Bahama Tourism videos.

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