Croatia Adriatic Sea – All Inclusive Yacht Charters

Scenic island of Vis waterfront, Dalmatia, Croatia

We custom curate Private Fully Crewed Yacht Charters on Sailing Monohulls & Catamarans in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.

Kornati islands national park view from Drage

Kornati islands national park view from Drage village, Dalmatia, Croatia

Embark on an unforgettable private yacht charter through the enchanting waters of Croatia, where every moment unfolds like a scene from a fairytale. Setting sail from the picturesque city of Split or Trogir, your luxurious yacht glides gracefully along the Adriatic coastline, revealing hidden coves, secluded beaches, and charming coastal villages steeped in history. As the sun sets, indulge in delectable Croatian cuisine aboard your yacht, savoring freshly caught seafood and fine local wines under a blanket of stars. Explore the ancient city walls of island towns we will visit, wander through the quaint streets of Hvar, and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Cave on Biševo Island. Whether you’re basking in the Mediterranean sun on the deck of your yacht or exploring the rich cultural heritage of Croatia’s coastal towns, every moment of this dream charter is a testament to the beauty and allure of the Adriatic Sea.


Black Diamond’s Yacht Charters arranges private yachts in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Our charters are Fully crewed with Skipper and Chef, Our Itineraries are custom design to suit your specific needs, wants and desires. We will discuss what your perfect sailing vacation would look like, and then together we plan the itinerary with you to include both uninhabited islands, picturesque beaches, small towns and ancient cities dating back to times before Christ and the Roman Empire.

Ferry Routes of the Croatian Islands

Ferry Routes of the Croatian Islands

We start our charters in Split or Dubrovnik and can end in either city. We can also accommodate a one way charter, from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa, or return to the same starting city. We always customize the itineraries based on our guests desires. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served daily on board, along with all your refreshments including your alcoholic pleasures. We will anchor in beautiful coves and beaches during the day time hours, in the evenings we anchor near or at town docks and walls, this way we can enjoy a nice dinner ashore, mingle with the locals and partake in a truly local experience.  In any case after a night sleeping at anchor or an ancient town wall, each day we start with breakfast on the boat, then after sailing for a few hours, we stop at a cove for a swim or excursion and lunch.


Secret turquoise beach yachting and sailing, Island of Brac, Dalmatia, Croatia

You are then free to explore the coves, pebble stone beaches, islands and ancient cities and towns with our motorized inflatable dinghy runabout, kayak, paddle boards, sea scooters can be rented for the week onboard, or take a guided tour, beach combing, snorkelling or scuba diving.

Sailing boats in quiet bay near village Milna on island Brac in Croatia

Recent charter guests have experienced; deep sea fishing, snorkelling, wine tours, Dalmatian mountain hikes, strolling many ancient settlements, towns and cities, enjoying time with the locals, experiencing the culture. All captain guided excursions are included at no charge. Your captain is your local guide who speaks the local language.

After a busy day enjoying the islands, water and sun, most dinners will be enjoyed ashore, however if we are fortunate with our fishing expedition, The Captain can grill up our catch for an onboard under the sunset feast. Finally ending your day with a night-cap under the moonlight while anchored or tied up mediterranean style to the town wall. If you have not experienced sleeping at anchor in this setting it should be on your bucket list!



City of Sibenik coast view, Dalmatia, Croatia


Croatian Fully Crewed Yacht Charter vs Bareboat Charters?

The benefits of a Fully Crewed Yacht Charter!

Fully crewed charters, come with an experienced licensed Captain who knows the local waters of Croatia and speaks the local language. In Croatia you need at least a liveaboard certification in order to skipper a charter boat, such as a RYA Coastal Skipper or ICC International Competent Captain.  If you have such a certification and wish to skipper your own boat we can arrange a bareboat for you, or you can join us in a flotilla, skippering your own boat, following along, and meeting up for cocktails at each anchorage or port of call.

However, on our fully crewed charters, crewed by qualified RYA Yacht Master, hostess or chef, the crew will take care of everything for you, so you’ll spend the maximum amount of your time relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Starting with the provisions you chose, they will be already on the boat, so you are not wasting a day shopping and loading the boat. The crew will prepare meals, serve your drinks and cocktails and do all the clean up afterwards such as washing the dishes. The crew will take care of garbage and replenish ice at each port, and tidying up the ship and your bathrooms.

If you choose to sail the boat yourself, take the helm, and hand it over when you are done, have a drink, and let the crew put away the sails. The Captain is responsible for everything should something not go as planned. Also with fully crewed charters, there is no security deposit for the charter.

OUR TYPICAL 7 day ITINERARY VIDEO in Croatia from Split!

This must see video gives you a very good idea of what to expect! 

Seven Day Itinerary

• Afternoon dropping bags at Marina, then explore The Castle of Split and the city of Split or Trigor and visit Kamerlengo Castle depending on which city we are departing from.  We recommend visiting either of these cities by car or boat.
• Boarding between 5-6pm
• Orientation, Cocktails on board, then dinner and explore nightlife in town
• Your first night we will sleep on boat at Marina
• Sail to Otok Veliki to the Blue Lagoon – snorkel
• Sail to Maslinica, Solta Island, tie up on town wall, dinner at rooftop restaurant
• Sail to Vis Island, explore a quiet cove, lunch & swimming stop enroute
• Afternoon Komiza an accent fishing village, Vis Island, anchor, explore town
• Evening dinghy to restaurant, walk beautiful stone alleyways, waterfront live music
• Morning to Bisevo Island, Blue Cave tour
• Afternoon Stiniva Beach, Vis Island
• Evening Vis Town, tie up on wall or anchor, dinner at restaurant, explore town
• Sail to Zlatni Rat Beach, Brac Island, anchor, water sports, children’s water playground
• Evening Bol, Brac Island, tie up on wall, Vineyard cellar tour, dinner at Bol Fish Festival (harbour party)
• Sail to Stari Grad 3,500 year old medieval town which pre-dates the Roman Empire, Hvar Island, tie up on wall, short walk to beach
• Peka Dinner at Restaurant Jerolim, explore waterfront, live music
• Sail to Okrug beach, Ciovo Island or a cove and beach near Milan on our way back to our base
• Evening in Trogir or Split, dinner in town
• Your last night at the marina at home base
• Disembark 8:30am
7 day Croatian Itinerary

7 day Croatian Itinerary


from recent charter guests

“Cruising with Ed (and Roxane) in Croatia was an incredible experience.  Ed is an experienced captain and made every part of our cruise enjoyable. The food (and cocktails) were excellent, every port had excitement and amazing views!  I cannot say enough about this experience. Can’t wait to do it all over again in the Bahamas! Thanks Ed & Roxane!” – Carl Burigana & Bonnie Agostinho


“I had the time of my life, brand new to the yachting life style, I am hooked! I will say that I am putting my life back into your hands for another week, only this time with your Bahamas charters in Exuma!” – Alex Kovacs


“I have been to 174 countries in my life time, and I must say, this charter has been my most relaxing and enjoyable vacation ever!” – Steve Hicks


“We could not have asked for a better Captain! Thank you to both of you for providing this awesome opportunity. We had such a great week.”  – Kelli Hyde


“We had a fabulous time and I am sure we will forever remember our Croatian Sailing adventure with you! You and Roxane made sure we were well taken care of. Thank you so much for your everything. We will definately charter with you again, possibly in The Bahamas!” – Aleksandar Mitrovic


“Thanks for a wonderful sailing adventure in Croatia. We sure had fun and made memories for a lifetime.” – Lisa & Ken Griffith


“Spending a week with Captain Ed in Croatia was probably the best vacation our family ever had! (Children aged 14 to 22) – His professionalism, friendliness was second to none. Already planning our next sailing vacation with Ed in The Bahamas!” – Brian Arrigo & Family


“You made my Croatian dreams come true! You are my Captain for life! Wouldn’t go anywhere with anyone else. Looking forward to Bahamas!” – Gordana & Jim Mosher




Skippered Charter Freedom. Take the helm, and take an active role sailing the boat, you are welcome to do so whenever you like, or just relax and enjoy the ride. In any case you will not be responsible for any damages to the boat unlike bareboat charters where certifications and qualifications are also required. There is also no security deposit requirement.

You can learn to sail, and add to your Sailing Experience. The other added bonus is that we are happy to teach. No matter your age or experience you can learn as much as you like, at a pace set by you. There is no set curriculum, no pressure and no timetable to run your trip time table by. You may just wish to learn how to helm, trim sails, dock or anchor. For the more experienced sailor, who would like to experience the long-term cruising life-style. We have specially arranged programs for this type of experience. You will experience various anchoring techniques, tides, currents, surges, overnight passages, navigation, it can all be experienced on our charters – On the other hand you may just want to go for a swim or a drink ashore, yes you can. The choice is yours.

You can sit back and relax, or take an active role, and learn a few things while you are at it. Anchoring techniques which can be tricky in the deep waters of the Adriatic, often just a few meters from shore the depths can be 150 to 250 feet. Learn how to moor a boat stern in to a city wall mediterranean style.

With a fully crewed charter your cruising area is not limited to tourist traps. With skippered charters or flotillas you’ll go way beyond and have nothing to worry about. You can explore areas that are normally restricted with bareboat charters, reach less explored areas.

A skippered charter has many advantages for those that want the experience of a sailing holiday without the pressure & responsibility of looking after the boat, studying charts, cooking and cleaning. The skipper will happily help you choose an itinerary that suits you and will make sure that you have a stress free and comfortable cruise. This holiday gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want.

Captain Ed & Proprietor of Black Diamond Yacht Charters

Captain Ed

Captain Ed

Edward Radonic is a RYA Yacht Master, Offshore, 200 ton certification & ICC International Competent Captain, with Marine First Aid & Marine fire fighting certification. Ed has been boating for 32 years, at the age of 53, this is more than half his life-time. Ed is an accomplished ocean sailor who has logged over 33,000 nautical miles during his almost 2,000 days at sea. Ed has spent almost a 1/4 of his adult life on the water! He originally hailing from the former Yugoslavia which Croatia was apart of, speaks the local languages, and has sailed the Adriatic extensively! Spent the last 50 years living in North America, but is a local to both Croatia and The Bahamas!  

For a full biography please follow this link.



48′ foot Dufour 5 Cabin + Crew Quarters Charter Catamaran


7 Day & Night Charter Rates and Fees aboard a Croatian Luxury Catamaran.


Breakfast, Lunch & Beverages, Cocktails Included, In Croatia, Dinners are ashore for truly local experience. Captain, Guide and Hostess are standard aboard our fully crewed charters. 


2023 Season, 7 Days Charter, Double Occupancy, A/C, Private Bathroom & Shower, Alcoholic beverages, breakfast, light lunch and snacks included, dinners ashore extra. 


Taking bookings now

Summer of 2024 or 2025 now with Captain Ed!

June, July, August or September Available

Your choice of weeks

Islands of Split, Islands of Dubrovnik,

Or everything in between from Split to Dubrovnik one way charter, $250 Premium per person!

Only small deposit required, cancel anytime! 


*No Children under 18 years of age on any shared cabin cruises, if you have children you will need to charter the whole boat.

(You can just take one or two cabins, and we will match you up with like minded couples, or take the whole boat, 4 cabins € 22,000, larger boats available with 5-6 Cabins.)

2 Guests/1 Cabin /Private Bathroom – € 3,500  per person / € 7,000 per cabin,

4 Guests/2 Cabins/Private Bathroom – € 3,250 per person / € 6,500 per cabin,

6 Guests/3 Cabins/Private Bathroom – € 3,000 per person / € 6,000 per cabin,

8 Guests/4 Cabins/Private Bathroom – € 2,750per person / € 5,500 per cabin,

*Currency is in € Euros

*Booking: Only a deposit is required at booking, PAYPAL, VISA & MASTERCARD accepted, your charter is guaranteed by Paypal or your credit card company. Cancellations available, based on our cancellation policy.

*All-inclusive rate includes: All onboard meals, snacks and alcoholic & other beverages, mooring fees, fuel charges, linens, fuel, ice. All your captain guided excursions and activities, such as snorkelling are included, dinners ashore and crew gratuities are extra.

*Customary gratuity, Your crew will work hard for you to ensure you have the yacht vacation of a life time. Taking care of all your on vessels and onshore needs, meals and cocktails.  (A 10% gratuity is a yachting industry standard for good and satisfactory service, remember your crew is working for you about 12-16 hours a day.)

*Not included: Off-vessel charges such as airfare, taxi fares, off-vessel meals/beverages.

Dinner ashore: Guests are requested to enjoy evenings ashore for dinner when booking a 7-day charter. This allows for a delightful local cultural experience..

*Flights & Arrangements: We can help you arrange flights and extended accommodations if you would like to spend an extra week or two in Europe. You can fly right in to Zagreb, Croatia, But we have found the least expensive flights fly into Venice, Italy, Frankfurt and Vienna, where you can rent a vehicle and drive, or catch a flight to Split or Dubrovnik and spend a few days or a week before your charter exploring other parts of Europe before you board, and then again after on your way back to catch your flight home.

Children: Children when staying in the same cabin with parents are no charge, or at discount and are only allowed when you are chartering the whole boat with your own group.