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Tagged: Beach

Island formation 0

Black Point, Exuma, Bahamas

Black Point is one of the largest out island settlements in the Exumas. Having said that, the population is still very small. I am not certain what it is exactly, but I would say...


Cave Cay, Exumas – Bahamas.

Cave Cay is a beautiful place almost half way from Staniel Cay to George Town in the Exumas. We decided to anchor here for a night, but after discovering how beautiful it was, and...

Thomas really enjoyed snorkelling Cave Cay. 0

Snorkelling Cave Cay – Exumas Bahamas

Snorkelling around the cut at Cave Cay was the best underwater experience we had in the Bahamas. I am sure there are many more and even more amazing places to snorkel and scuba in...

Big Major Spot's Island only has inhabitants of the oink oink kind. 2

Big Major Spot, Exumas

  January 2nd, 2009, we left the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, and anchored just a couple of miles away. This area is called the Big Major Spot. We figured out later it probably got...

There are hundreds of islands like this to explorer in the Bahamas. 0

Athol Islands, Green Cay, Near Nassau

December 21-22nd After leaving Atlantis, Sorin, Adriana, and our family sailed past the Attol Islands just north east of Paradise Island, and sailed to Green Cay. We choose this island, because it looked like...

Can't go without a Roller Coaster! 1

Day 3 – Lake Oneida to Utica, NY

Saturday August 23rd, Lake Oneida to Utica NY Departing at 7AM this morning, we made it across Lake Oneida by 10AM. We tied up at the Sylvana Beach Town Docks, and headed down to the...