Navigating Cuts in island keys or the Cays of the Bahamas

Cave Cay Cut

Cruising many of the islands in the southern latitudes, especially in the Bahamas, will require careful attention, knowledge and skills when navigating in and out of the cuts between the inside and the ocean side of the islands. The Bahamas are known for narrow and shallow cuts. These difficult cuts can be further complicated by […]

Day 5b – Land AHOY! – Jacksonville, Florida.

The back of the boat looks like we have a 300 horse out board.

Day 5b – Nov. 3rd, – Land AHOY! Jacksonville Florida here we come! We continued sailing the next morning under grey skies, and moderately heavy weather. Compared to the night before, it was very manageable. The winds were about 20 to 25 knots with large seas the had built up the night before. We were making good speed […]