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Delivering the boat to and from Florida/New York on our way to the Bahamas.

Hurricane Matthew Boat Relocation and Preparations 0

Out running Cat 5 Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Boat Preparations on a mooring.

October 1st, 2016, Hurricane Matthew cometh. Which became a CAT 5 hurricane, while were relocating Black Diamond. The boat was in Freeport, Bahamas at the time, and Hurricane Matthew was barreling down right for...

* VIDEO * New York to Florida, Offshore Non-Stop, Tropical Storm. 1

* VIDEO * New York to Florida, Offshore Non-Stop, Tropical Storm.

Just after Hurricane season Nov. 1st 2008, we left New York City, offshore, for a non-stop trip to Florida. We arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, in 5 days and 3 hours non-stop ocean passage. We...


Safe arrival to New York City

We arrived safely with no injuries or damages in New York City on Sunday Morning at 5AM. The trip started out as a wild one. Just north of Charleston about 50 miles or so,...


Black Diamond Set Course for New York City

Yesterday prepared for a long haul non stop to offshore voyage New York City…We planned on leaving then, but the forecast called for 70 knots, 2 inch hail and possible tornados. The decision was...


Hot Racing in Charleston

Forecast Bodes Well For Hot Racing Dozens of different boat designs will race in thirteen divisions on four courses, but one thing all racing boats have in common is the need for wind, and...

Black Diamond Finishes Off-Shore Yacht Race 1

Black Diamond Finishes Off-Shore Yacht Race

The Black Diamond crew is back safely in Toronto (My self, Paul Thornton, Rick, Mark and Monica Doedens)…We had a lot of fun, and a great race. We were competing against professional sailors, hard...


Day 5a – 36 Hour Tropical Storm!

Day 5 – Nov. 3rd, Endured a 36 hour Tropical Storm! Just when we thought all was well, and we were only a day and half from St. Augustine’s, Florida, the winds started to...


* VIDEO * Sailing with Dolphins

Here is a really neat video of our half hour dolphin encounter on the Atlantic Ocean. This was during our sail in November 2008 from New York to Florida. [youtube=]


Day 3 – Warship Operations!

Day 3 – Saturday Nov. 1st, Chesapeake & Delaware Bay area Consulting the Sirius Satellite weather and saw that a cold front was moving in from the north, which would bring 35 to 40...

Day 1c at Sea Continued 0

Day 1c at Sea Continued

Day 1 at Sea Continued…….Thursday 12AM Midnight…… Perfect conditions on our offshore sail from New York to Florida, November 2008. The winds were 15 to 25 knots, on the starboard quarter, broad reaching the...

* VIDEO * Rough Sail from New York to Florida 1

* VIDEO * Rough Sail from New York to Florida

A little clip of some rough sailing from New York to Florida offshore the whole way in 5 days 3 hours.