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Tagged: Charleston

We docked at the foot of the World Trade Center Site, Financial Yacht basin. 1

Safe arrival to New York City

We arrived safely with no injuries or damages in New York City on Sunday Morning at 5AM. The trip started out as a wild one. Just north of Charleston about 50 miles or so,...

Cez was hoisted to the very top of the mast 61 feet, a full 6 floors up, he inspected the entire rig and halyards. 0

Black Diamond Set Course for New York City

Yesterday prepared for a long haul non stop to offshore voyage New York City…We planned on leaving then, but the forecast called for 70 knots, 2 inch hail and possible tornados. The decision was...

Phoot by Bob Thayer at PCYC, Lake Ontario. Charleston Race Photos to come once available. 0

Hot Racing in Charleston

Forecast Bodes Well For Hot Racing Dozens of different boat designs will race in thirteen divisions on four courses, but one thing all racing boats have in common is the need for wind, and...