Conch Salad


Here is everything you need to know about making Conch Salad,

and then how to feed the Sting Ray after wards..


In Elizabeth Harbour, you will find Georgetown at the main land, and stocking island, the protects the harbour from the Exuma Sound, which is pretty much the Ocean if you ask me. Stocking Island is the home to the famous Chat ‘n Chill Beach, and where AJ claimed his stake in his own Conch Salad Bar  stand on the beach. Almost each morning he will personally go conch hunting in his secret locations around the islands. Conch is no endangered in the Bahamas, and can be found in an abundance, and is harvested with care, only conch of certain size can be taken. The the day I met AJ, he found 120 conch. He than keeps them fresh by only extracting them from the shell as he makes each salad fresh for each customer. In the video below, he shows how this is done. Then he dices up onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, salt and pepper to taste. Then the diced up conch, and what really makes it taste so good is the fresh squeezed, lemon, lime and oranges.

AJ has also trained and tamed the local sting rays as he feeds them daily. Watch the  video below to see Alex feed the sting ray.


Short video on preparing  conch salad & feeding the sting rays.


s/v Black Diamond

With almost 30,000 Nautical miles of experience and 1,800+ sea days and nights on the water. (1,800 sea days is like 5 years on the water, 365 days a year!) I am an RYA Skipper and ICC International Competent Captain, currently working on my RYA Yacht Master with a Commercial endorsement for a 200 ton vessel. My qualifications include; MED A2 Emergency Safety at Sea, Helicopter Rescue, Life raft deployment and use, Offshore Rescue and Fire Fighting at Sea, etc, STCW Code A-VI/1-3, Canadian Equivalent Marine First Aid and CPR/AED. I am an Open Water Certified diver and completed various CYA & Canadian Power and Sail Squadron certifications which include Power/Sailboat handling, Seamanship Sail, Piloting/charting, CYA Coastal Navigation, GPS Navigation, Extended Offshore Cruising, VHF Radio operation license and a Toronto Harbour License. I am now providing skippered charters and yacht deliveries globally, including crew positions for offshore passages. However, my specialities are the Bahamas, US East Coast, The Great Lakes, Welland Canal, Erie Canal and the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, looking to add Greece. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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2 Responses

  1. Jean Parratte says:

    Hi Edward,

    I’m planning to cruise during four months from october 2014 to january 2015, going from Québec to the Bahamas.

    Do you know any place in the Bahamas where our boat (40 feet Jeanneau)could be hauled out until we come back the next winter. Our final plan is to take the boat to St Martin and leave it there in order to sail during the winter seasons.

    Sincerely yours

    Jean Parratte

  2. s/v Black Diamond says:

    Bon Jour Jean,

    Is there a reason you are going to St. Marten? You should really spent some time in the Bahamas, the 700 islands, 600 uninhabited are amazing, especially the Exumas & Abacos… The island chain of the Bahamas are almost the same size as the entire Caribbean.

    There is really no good places to Haul out in the Bahamas. Nassau has some marine facilities, but I am not real impressed with any.

    I would suggest not hauling out, but leaving it in a hurricane hole, there are a couple in the Abacos, and a few great ones in Georgetown bahamas, on a mooring, very safe, and you can come use your boat when ever you want, visit it for a long week-end or what ever, lots of French Canadians there too. Flights are affordable.

    Other options is go to Fort Lauderdale, lots of good haul out facilities. Research places in Florida for haul out. I keep my boat in the Bahamas now all year round on a mooring ball. Once a year I sail to Florida for haul out and maintainace work. This is the best solution.

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